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Somali Investments is an investment company that combines an ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit and a thorough knowledge of investing in the horn of Africa. Since its establishment in September 2012, Somali Investments has been active in developing new projects. SI invests in a projects which can deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to its shareholders.

We are a based in Somalia with our primary focus on horn of Africa region. We target growth capital and buyouts of businesses in a wide range of industry sectors. Somali Investments has a strong management team with financial and investment expertise, and a successful track record in adding value to the companies with which it invests.

We invest in dynamic small to medium sized businesses, working in partnership to create market-leading companies that deliver excellent returns to all shareholders. We have key alliances locally and internationally that have a considerable impact in enhancing our deal flow as well as extending our regional and global accessibility. It is our pleasure to welcome you to do your investment with us . Our Company is truly a business Investment whose future depends upon the satisfaction of our customers.

Please contact us to find out how we can help you invest in your future while complying with Islamic Sharia principles. We assure you that we deliver top quality and reliable investment services with ultimate satisfaction to meet your needs and demands.

The chief objective of Somali Investment Group is to be a reputable entity capable of generating income and long-term capital growth by screening investment opportunities from various sectors while complying with Sharia'a principles. 

At SIC, we aim to become a dominant diversified investment Company in the local market by managing a portfolio of investments that extends beyond horn of African borders. Our commitment to the economy, environment and community will always remain our forte while maintaining an eye for “targeted return on investments”.

Our Investments criterion and diversified allocations in all investment sectors that reflects our long term commitment to our society and values.   

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  • The Prospects Of Business In Somalia Are Brighter

    Somalia's infrastructure has been developed to a level enough to make investments and business in Somalia an attractive proposition. There are huge prospects in the telecommunication sector. Though private and with fierce competition, the market is wide open and demand is expected to be huge. Small sc

  • Leading investments in the and the Africa marketPlace

    " Somali Investments is driven by our strongly established values, our commitment to the nation's development, and to our people and employees who we strongly believe are our greatest assets." " For our company, Corporate Social Responsibility is not an option, but a business objective."

  • Announcement of Cash Dividend for the year ended June 30, 2016
    The board of Directors of Somali Investments in their meeting held on July 23,  2016 has announced a cash dividend of 48% for the year ended June 30, 2016
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